Woe, My Heart - Oh My My

35mm Photos by @shawkat husseini & @rcstills

  Dancers Alex & Anna between takes

Dancers Alex & Anna between takes

The second release in from producer Oh My My - 'Woe, My Heart' continues the visuals from the previous release we did with him. This time the subjects taking on a more delicate and sombre role to the previous clip. All filmed within the confines of a white cyc, harmonious and soft neons mixed the glitched out effect relay the complex narrative and undertones of the songs foundation.

  Director Bradley Murnane

Director Bradley Murnane

Oh My My aka Sam Thomlinson had this to say on the song - "Musically this song is all about the piano and vocal. I tried not to sully those parts with too much embellishment. There are moments where I’m really trying to show the heartbreak in the lyrics with disjointed chord changes; other times I’ve tried to use ambient whispering and talking to reflect the feeling of being locked in your own thoughts.”


Similar to the previous piece in the series, at its core this was a collaborative effort. Working with dancers Alex & Anna, we in essence, melded within the choreography of their movements. The added element of singer Jarred Young(of Bad Pony) glitching in and out of the scenes adding another dimension to the piece as a "somewhat" continuation and evolution.


Watch below for the full video. Also check out the artists facebook page to keep up to date on all things Oh My My.

New Release!! Royal - Vice Dreams

photos by Angus @gussi.i
  Director Rick and Art Director Bianca sussing the visuals

Director Rick and Art Director Bianca sussing the visuals

We're super stoked to to present our latest video for the Universal Music Australia team. Filmed in Melbourne, we were put in charge of creating the new image and direction for Harrison Craig's 'Vice Dreams'. With the help of our amazing crew who all went above and beyond for this one, we were able to create this neon themed world. Bianca Milani at the realms is always a sure fire way to get things done. DP Joel Egan with his light metre in hand helping to get the lights and exposures on point. All these elements and more went into creating this dream-like visual.

  DP Joel and gaffer supreme Alex Wilson at the forefront of the shoot.

DP Joel and gaffer supreme Alex Wilson at the forefront of the shoot.

  Harrison & Rick discussing the finer details

Harrison & Rick discussing the finer details


Due to the single day shoot, everyone one on set was required to help shift scenes, lights and art dept. straight after the cut of the set. The fast paced nature of the shoot, meant a v narrow window for each scene. Not the most ideal of situations, but we managed to pull it off without a problem. This was a facet of team work that was second to none.

  HMU legend Sam Pearce working with lead Darcy on her 'dream' state make up

HMU legend Sam Pearce working with lead Darcy on her 'dream' state make up

  All hands on deck

All hands on deck

Watch below for the full video.



Ben Salters vocal range and ability are second to none. His unique song writing style and captive melodies are at the forefront of everything the embodies an Australian song smith. Having a chance to capture this and within the space we did was an amazing experience all the while being quite sombre in mood.


Filmed in an abandoned two story skate park lined with bowls, ramps and all the trimmings created a truly unique and echoed sound. Which married with Ben's vocals added elements and tones like we'd never experienced before. Listening to the details reverberate off the curved surfaces made a complete sound, almost too hard to capture.. almost.


Watch Ben Salter perform his song 'Gas Guzzler'.

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We've always been a huge fan of Claire Anne-Taylor's music. The depth of soul and realness that is imbedded within her song writing is captivating enough. Let alone just being a genuine awesome human. So when the opportunity came up to film an OBS with her, we jump at the project!

IMG_0347 (1).jpg

Filmed in New Norfolk's longtime abandoned nurses quarters, a section of the huge complex that was Willow Court Asylum - for the mentally ill and disabled. Willow Court is the oldest, continually run asylum located in the Island State of Tasmania, Australia and had its heritage start before 1827. Closing its doors for good in early 2000, its been left to slowly decay over the last 18 years, with many a visitor stopping in to walk the once occupied corridors and holding cells.


Watch Claire Anne-Taylor perform her song 'Man Behind The Moon'.

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Send Me Away - Steve Tyssen


Steve Tyssen's latest offering from his fourth solo album "You're Gonna Feel It In The Winter" is an emotively telling song, with all the throwbacks making 'Send Me Away' a culmination of longing, heartache and nostalgia wrapped into one neat package. The video uses Melbourne's city outskirts as a backdrop for a suble narrative of two people separated by time. 

The full album can be heard below.


The idea behind the video was to create a simple visual based around the isolated characters.        The two individuals are played by Steve Tyssen and the ever angelic Lewis Macmaster.                  The video uses a dome narrative, where the characters are stuck inside an industrial dimension, separated by time. We feel they know each other, tracing each others footprints and searching for something. Leaning on the idea, that we are all one. 


Watch the video in full and don't forget to head over to Steve Tyssen's page to keep updated on all things ST.

Animal House - Oh My My

  Photo -  Shawkat Husseini

Our latest release with up and coming producer Oh My My sees us wedged somewhere between industrial and clean studio settings, much like the track "Animal House" itself. Filmed around Melbourne the pulsing track now forms the soundtrack to a powerful narrative featuring two individuals, some intense dancing and warm embraces: According to Sam Tomlinson aka Oh My My - "I wanted the concept behind the lyrics to be conveyed by two people interacting and aggressively dancing with each other, in this kind of push and pull vibe. Just like a destructive relationship. Anna McCulla and Alex Warren who feature in the clip put their all into it. It was a massive shoot and a massive effort from everyone involved. I was in complete awe of their direction and professionalism. The arts community is truly an amazing place, it’s so supportive and helpful."

  Photo -  Shawkat Husseini
  Photo -  Shawkat Husseini

This piece at its core was a complete collaborative effort with everyone having some form of input across all facets. Rather than take the reigns and create a piece based on our interpretation we worked alongside with Sam and the dancers Alex and Anna in taking their movements and style and meshing it with our cinematography team. The results we feel are truly a visual emersion at its core, complimenting the music.

  Photo -  Shawkat Husseini

Watch below for the full video. Also check out the artists facebook page to keep up to date on all things Oh My My.

Photos by Spilting Films & 35mm by Shawkat Husseini

Like We Used to - The McClymonts

The McClymonts-49.jpg

The video "Like We Use To" set itself inside a neon world, cascading with subtle narrative that showcases the girls individuality and collective force. The video was filmed in a small caravan park in Newcastle, close to where the girls use to call home. Lending itself to the lyrics, the location allowed a reflective feeling of a time past. Each McClymont begins in their own world, with specific colours and tones. As the song continues, the colours blend together as the girls reunite and enjoy the energy and freedom of being together again. 

The McClymonts-21.jpg
The McClymonts-17.jpg
The McClymonts-11.jpg
The McClymonts-8.jpg
The McClymonts-16.jpg

Watch the video in full below.

Crawl, Beg & Cry - Brad Butcher

Brad B_CBC_BTS-6.jpg

Brad Butchers "Crawl, Beg & Cry" hits all the country notes, so we wanted to do our own take on the "country" aesthetic. With that, we took to the Lockyer Valley in an old Ford Mustang.

Brad B_CBC_BTS-9.jpg
Brad B_CBC_BTS-3.jpg

Brad had this to say about the song; "Crawl Beg & Cry is a reminder to those of us who've been treated as second rate citizens, whether in relationships, at school or perhaps your day job, to stand up for yourself and not to put up with being mistreated or subjected to bullying. To take charge of your life, your own destiny and move forward with confidence and a smile."

Brad acting more like a guide than a hitch hiker advocate, drives his way throughout each of our characters lives, revelling in banter and guidance, the passengers outlooks go from melancholy to positiveness during their journey.

Brad B_CBC_BTS-10.jpg
Brad B_CBC_BTS-2.jpg
Brad B_CBC_BTS-7.jpg
Brad B_CBC_BTS-1.jpg

Check out the video in full below.

In The Morning - Tori Forsyth

 Polaroid outtake with Betty Lou

Polaroid outtake with Betty Lou

Shot over two days, our second colab with Tori Forsyth and Universal Music finds us in a hedge maze and desert dunes. Exploring the previous character creation(Betty Sue) and her subsequent demise through "the looking glass" elements, we delve into the idea of dimensional intersections which represents the underlining message within the song itself.

 Director Brad and Tori during one of the many dune takes.

Director Brad and Tori during one of the many dune takes.

Artist Tori on the song “‘In The Morning’ was a last minute addition to the record so it’s funny that it’s risen to the top as a second single,” says Tori. “The song has a few different meanings to me, it was a written in a darker time of my life and there’s definitely that theme to the song, but I think it’s also a song that basically rides on gender equality, the idea that a woman can do everything a man can.”  

 Director Richard Clifford, filming during one of the dune takes.

Director Richard Clifford, filming during one of the dune takes.

Tori BTS_LR - rcstills.com-7.jpg

 Aerial view from a scene at the hedge maze, shooting on the Sony a7s ii

Aerial view from a scene at the hedge maze, shooting on the Sony a7s ii

Brad on the concept behind "In The Morning" - "In the morning reflects identity and the idea of self. Set between the sand dunes and a maze, the story drifts into the two worlds with one common thread, exploration. With the TV providing the link between the two. Personalities and I guess, the soul, drifts like frequency looking to transmit through a source, the body or in the case. The TV allowing a look into the many way we see one another."

Tori BTS_LR - rcstills.com-16.jpg
Tori BTS_LR - rcstills.com-18.jpg
Tori BTS_LR - rcstills.com-21.jpg

Watch the video in full below..

If I Were The Hunter - Set Circles

 Polaroid outtake of Nigel Edwards from the studio.

Polaroid outtake of Nigel Edwards from the studio.

For our latest release we had full creative licence to roll with whatever came to our head(which is always welcomed). Given the stylistic nature of the track we wanted to do something a little different. We decided to collaborate with another artist - Nigel Edwards of dance collective Lost is Found. Based off of Nigel's interpretation of the music we would shoot and edit alongside what he created as sort of an amalgamation of ideas forming one piece.

 Richard playing with red mesh material to create different looks.

Richard playing with red mesh material to create different looks.

Working with a minimal crew and plenty of time to play with compositions is always a welcome change. Director Richard Clifford had this to say about producing the piece "When I first heard the track, the visuals were instant. I remember seeing Nigel perform at a show I was shooting and knew that his unique tutting style of dance would be a perfect match. I got in contact with Nigel and played him the track, basically begging him to get on board. I asked if he could interpret the music and create movements based on that. Then I’d film based around those movements. The results are a very immersive. Editor Tim Blackburn did an amazing job taking those two elements and creating the electrifying end results.

Set Circles_Akia Shoot-27.jpg
Set Circles_Akia Shoot-5.jpg
 Only two lights were used in production.

Only two lights were used in production.

Set Circles_Akia Shoot-9.jpg

Jamie Page aka Set Circles had this to say about the video “The music video is almost a whole seperate piece of art that I’m just stoked to have my music behind really. I sent him(Richard) the song with the hope that it might spark something in his mind and fortunately for me, he seemed to dig it. I’ve always been a massive admirer of dance of all styles so when he came to me with a pitch involving Nigel, I was hugely excited. What you see in the clip is talent.. Im sure it was hard to get right, but the guys at Spliting Films managed to get it so right. I’m just so stoked to be a part of it.”

Set Circles_Akia Shoot-21.jpg
 Richard and Tim testing out the different mesh options.

Richard and Tim testing out the different mesh options.

Set Circles_Akia Shoot-3.jpg
Set Circles_Akia Shoot-7.jpg
Set Circles_Akia Shoot-15.jpg

Watch the full video below. Also don't forget to check out all things Set Circles and head over to his Facebook neow!