Here's just a small sampling of our most recent releases.
Please enjoy! Don't forget to check out the bands behind the music!


Set amongst the harsh winter backdrop, an internal struggle between the creative self and the working self takes place. The discourse for the visuals to Old Sault's "Sail Home". This cinematic piece consisting of wintery compositions and slow motion effects to relay the aforementioned struggle in literal sense. View and listen to more work from Old Sault here.

Bad Pony - Bottles (Official Video)

Two star struck lovers, living a life of banditry and inebriation centres the theme for Bad Pony's "Bottles". A mix of stunning visual commentary and cinematography remains the look and feel throughout this Bonnie and Clyde love story. Check out more work from the Bad Pony boys by heading over to their facebook

Blaq Carrie - Lemme Ride (Official Video)

Sprawled amongst unassumingly dreamy landscapes. We follow Blaq Carrie as she rides through surreal situations in an almost ghost like manner, paced with the flow Carrie's unique blend of Hip Hop and Soul. A creative collaboration with Musemaker from Brisbane, the track "Lemme Ride" is taken from Blaq Carrie's upcoming EP. Keep up to date with all things BC by heading over to her Facebook.

Golden Age Of Ballooning - So They Say (Official Video)

A surreal look at the dance lovers often take, set amongst abandoned office spaces and warehousing. The track taken from GAOB's latest release and the second clip we've put together for the talented Brisbane natives. For more information on the latest release and tour dates, head over to the bands website.

Josh Rennie-Hynes - Picture Frame (Official Video)

Set amongst the rainy backdrop of Mullumbimby in Queensland Australia. The Dramatic imagery sets the tone for this poetic piece we did for Josh's first single from his latest album "Furthermore". For more information on Josh's work and future tour dates, head along to his website.

Phil Hancock - Orchestra (Official Video)

Running through lush rainforests and scenic backdrops of green, all the while being chased by white donned cult members, is where we find Phil Hancock's "Orchestra" video. This award winning video is another collaboration with the team at Musemaker and showcases the potentialities of what we at Spilting are all about!
For more information on Phil's work, head along to his website

GOlden Age Of Ballooning - Love & War (official Video)

Time seems to be the only intangible thing we hold closest to our hearts. So what happens when we feel we don't have enough. Love & War - the first single off Golden Age Of Ballooning's latest album - features heavy imagery leaning towards the latter question.
For more information on all things GAOB, head over to their website.

Columbia Buffet - Everything Small (Official Video)

Set in the back streets of Paris, France a new love ignites between two young strangers after a chance encounter that never happened. Confused? Watch this twisted take on lifes potentialities that can easily be overlooked when we stick to our day to day routine. For the latest on Brief Habits(ex Columbia Buffet) head over to their website.