Old Building Sessions

Old Building Sessions - Episode Seven!

Photos by @rcstills

Ahead of their performances at Melbourne Music Week on the 19th of November, we caught up with Melbourne based singer/ song writer’s Gretta Ray & Ainslie Wills.

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In this instalment of OBS, we took a different approach with two artist performing one song each in the same space. To coincide with their performance at Melbourne Music Week 2018, Gretta Ray & Ainslie Wills joined us at the Young Husband Building in Kensington, Victoria.

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After the recent release of her debut album Gretta has gone from strength to strength with sell out tours, a steady growing fan base and an amazing live captivating performance. Playing the opening track of the aforementioned album, we present ‘When We’re In Fitzroy’.

Watch the full video below

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Also taking part in the same showcase during MMW was Melbourne based singer song writer Ainslie Wills. Mixing things up a bit, Ainslie decided to do a cover. Creating her own rendition of Eurythmics track ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’. It’s sombre notes and vibe create a totally new feel to the previous up beat/ dancey track.

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Watch The full video below

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Ben Salters vocal range and ability are second to none. His unique song writing style and captive melodies are at the forefront of everything the embodies an Australian song smith. Having a chance to capture this and within the space we did was an amazing experience all the while being quite sombre in mood.


Filmed in an abandoned two story skate park lined with bowls, ramps and all the trimmings created a truly unique and echoed sound. Which married with Ben's vocals added elements and tones like we'd never experienced before. Listening to the details reverberate off the curved surfaces made a complete sound, almost too hard to capture.. almost.


Watch Ben Salter perform his song 'Gas Guzzler'.

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We've always been a huge fan of Claire Anne-Taylor's music. The depth of soul and realness that is imbedded within her song writing is captivating enough. Let alone just being a genuine awesome human. So when the opportunity came up to film an OBS with her, we jump at the project!

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Filmed in New Norfolk's longtime abandoned nurses quarters, a section of the huge complex that was Willow Court Asylum - for the mentally ill and disabled. Willow Court is the oldest, continually run asylum located in the Island State of Tasmania, Australia and had its heritage start before 1827. Closing its doors for good in early 2000, its been left to slowly decay over the last 18 years, with many a visitor stopping in to walk the once occupied corridors and holding cells.


Watch Claire Anne-Taylor perform her song 'Man Behind The Moon'.

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