Send Me Away - Steve Tyssen


Steve Tyssen's latest offering from his fourth solo album "You're Gonna Feel It In The Winter" is an emotively telling song, with all the throwbacks making 'Send Me Away' a culmination of longing, heartache and nostalgia wrapped into one neat package. The video uses Melbourne's city outskirts as a backdrop for a suble narrative of two people separated by time. 

The full album can be heard below.


The idea behind the video was to create a simple visual based around the isolated characters.        The two individuals are played by Steve Tyssen and the ever angelic Lewis Macmaster.                  The video uses a dome narrative, where the characters are stuck inside an industrial dimension, separated by time. We feel they know each other, tracing each others footprints and searching for something. Leaning on the idea, that we are all one. 


Watch the video in full and don't forget to head over to Steve Tyssen's page to keep updated on all things ST.