Woe, My Heart - Oh My My

35mm Photos by @shawkat husseini & @rcstills

Dancers Alex & Anna between takes

Dancers Alex & Anna between takes

The second release in from producer Oh My My - 'Woe, My Heart' continues the visuals from the previous release we did with him. This time the subjects taking on a more delicate and sombre role to the previous clip. All filmed within the confines of a white cyc, harmonious and soft neons mixed the glitched out effect relay the complex narrative and undertones of the songs foundation.

Director Bradley Murnane

Director Bradley Murnane

Oh My My aka Sam Thomlinson had this to say on the song - "Musically this song is all about the piano and vocal. I tried not to sully those parts with too much embellishment. There are moments where I’m really trying to show the heartbreak in the lyrics with disjointed chord changes; other times I’ve tried to use ambient whispering and talking to reflect the feeling of being locked in your own thoughts.”


Similar to the previous piece in the series, at its core this was a collaborative effort. Working with dancers Alex & Anna, we in essence, melded within the choreography of their movements. The added element of singer Jarred Young(of Bad Pony) glitching in and out of the scenes adding another dimension to the piece as a "somewhat" continuation and evolution.


Watch below for the full video. Also check out the artists facebook page to keep up to date on all things Oh My My.