New Release!! Redemption - Tori Forsyth

Photos by Seb Kaczorowski @sebkazdop & Madeline Valentinis @madeline_valentinis

Tori - Redemption Edit2.00_03_24_15.Still017.jpg

In our third collaboration with alternate country artist - Tori Forsyth - we see a turn to a more darker visual and theme - witches. Shot in rural Newcastle surrounds we focus heavily on the theme of the term witch hunt and all that it encompasses.


The amazing and at times eerie backdrop was very much at the forefront of this particular creative. At times acting as an almost silent character in the piece. This was needed to help push the idea of the underlining theme. Mixed with the double exposure effect we wanted to push the unease and overall haunting vibe that was at the very centre of the creative concept.


In previous collaborations with Tori, we’ve always worked on a very much free flow of ideas. Tori’s ability to get into any character we’ve thrown out there has always made the task an easy evolution. Her role as the head “witch” was no exception to the rule. As you can tell from the moment she graces the screen, the embodiment of this character is all her own. With the addition of a new character to our previous videos with Tori, our little escapee - Ivy Bell - steals the screen in her attempt to evade her captures.


Watch below for the full video.