Animal House - Oh My My

Photo -  Shawkat Husseini

Our latest release with up and coming producer Oh My My sees us wedged somewhere between industrial and clean studio settings, much like the track "Animal House" itself. Filmed around Melbourne the pulsing track now forms the soundtrack to a powerful narrative featuring two individuals, some intense dancing and warm embraces: According to Sam Tomlinson aka Oh My My - "I wanted the concept behind the lyrics to be conveyed by two people interacting and aggressively dancing with each other, in this kind of push and pull vibe. Just like a destructive relationship. Anna McCulla and Alex Warren who feature in the clip put their all into it. It was a massive shoot and a massive effort from everyone involved. I was in complete awe of their direction and professionalism. The arts community is truly an amazing place, it’s so supportive and helpful."

Photo -  Shawkat Husseini
Photo -  Shawkat Husseini

This piece at its core was a complete collaborative effort with everyone having some form of input across all facets. Rather than take the reigns and create a piece based on our interpretation we worked alongside with Sam and the dancers Alex and Anna in taking their movements and style and meshing it with our cinematography team. The results we feel are truly a visual emersion at its core, complimenting the music.

Photo -  Shawkat Husseini

Watch below for the full video. Also check out the artists facebook page to keep up to date on all things Oh My My.

Photos by Spilting Films & 35mm by Shawkat Husseini