Richmond - Josh Rennie-Hynes

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Our latest release for multi-award winning artist Josh Rennie-Hynes and long time collaborator with us, explores the captivating dynamic between visuals and lyrics to create a journey of past memories.


Director Brad Murnane, explores the creation process below,

"We filmed the Richmond video inside a small wooden house located in the town of Newcastle. The clip was shot in a day and follows the singer, Josh Rennie-Hynes, as he walks throughout shadowed in memories of the house’s past. The song partners with the visuals to create a dream like exchanges as we trace back into memories of two kids, Savannah Clarke and Darcy Powell and a couple played by Jay Piper and Nadine Christie living in the house. The song allows for any interpretation of the story and isn’t in any way defined or labeled. It’s there for the viewer to decide".

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